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About Us


The mission of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) is to serve as a public policy arm for manufacturing within the state and nation that facilitates the use of available technical resources for economic development. Our policy recommendations reflect a thoughtful and sustained response to industry-led and vetted issues. We also engage in outreach programs that support manufacturers - from small to medium-size firms to original equipment manufacturers - by aligning with industries, academic institutions, technology support organizations and government.



OMI works with its industry, university, and government partners to find solutions to manufacturers’ greatest technical and workforce challenges. For example, we are constructing a detailed decision analysis using best practices to evaluate existing entities on their ability to meet manufacturers’ innovation needs. We support a technical network structure and leadership approaches that support manufacturers, especially small and medium firms.


The Ohio Manufacturing Institute has developed roadmapping results and recommendations as part of a grant under the Ohio Development Services Agency to establish and implement an Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Technical Network strategy. The first roadmapping report include four manufacturing processes (machining, molding, joining/forming and additive manufacturing) and focused on fuller utilization of available technical resources. Other outcomes include ways to facilitate the development, transfer, and commercialization of advanced manufacturing technologies.


Facilitates access to qualified students through a unique co-located internship program in which students work on an advanced manufacturing project for industries while maintaining full access to faculty expertise and academic resources. The LIFT OMIC program, which supports the federal Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow program and is funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, relies on partnerships with area community colleges and Ohio Technical Center resources. 


  • Develop industry-vetted policy recommendations that support the manufacturing supply chain
  • Remove barriers that help make university technical resources more accessible to industry
  • Support access to best-practice workforce development resources, e.g., project-based student internships
  • Promote manufacturers’ innovation stories to policy makers and the public through OMI’s Manufacturing Tomorrow podcast series