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Manufacturing 5.0


The fifth Industrial Revolution, or Manufacturing 5.0, involves operations technology and its connection to the digitally integrated enterprise. A new occupational job ladder is necessary, but there are benefits and risks associated. Engineering technologists and manufacturing generalists are now required for efficient manufacturing and connecting heads to hands. These people understand the production, business, and technology aspects needed for manufacturing.

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Engineering Technology

The looming need for workers who can keep automated systems operating,

Engineering Technology Skills for the Future Report
anticipate potential production problems, and reconfigure machines to accommodate new processes suggests the importance of a more systemized and integrated approach to educating and training the "smart" manufacturing workforce. 

OMI authors' research on the engineering technology skills needed for current and future manufacturing workers created the foundation for the new Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree to be offered at the regional campuses beginning Autumn 2020.

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Ohio Innovation Exchange

OMI serves on a statewide research expertise portal project core team with the goal

of connecting Ohio academic and technical institutions with industry partners. The role includes setting up the human network of regional industry engagement partners at universities to provide technical resources, faculty expertise, student interns, research labs to support state industry. In addition, TechSolve requested that OMI take on program management of a $425K Ohio Edison Center project to support mapping of technical assistance resources at universities and community colleges, Ohio Technical Centers, MEPs, technical centers, and industry organizations.  By creating a robust statewide referral system to serve small and medium-sized firms beginning day one of the public launch, the goal is to foster regional technical ecosystems/clusters, cross-industry collaboration, and public- private partnerships that will remove industry-academic barriers.

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