Wireless Environment's David Levine on MFG Tomorrow

Posted: July 31, 2017

David Levine, co-founder and president of Wireless Environment, explains how he started his business and its growth over the past decade on MFG Tomorrow. Based in Mayfield Village, Ohio, Wireless Environment produces off-grid, energy-efficient lighting with integrated power sources for light bulbs and fixtures. In 2008, they launched a line of wireless LED light fixtures under the Mr. Beams brand, a best seller on Amazon.com, with lighting bright enough to illuminate a closet, powered only by batteries so it could be installed anywhere, by anyone. ReadyBright, the world's first home portable power outage lighting system run solely on batteries, followed. David has launched 21 consumer products and built a power tool company to $4 million in sales from start-up. A senior product manager at Black & Decker and DeWalt from 1995 until 1999, he launched their rotary tool business.

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