OMI Podcast Featured During International Podcast Day

Posted: October 1, 2018

Ohio Manufacturing Institute's Manufacturing Tomorrow podcast series was highlighted by The Ohio State University Office of Distance Education and eLearning on International Podcast Day occuring September 30. The description reads:

How are robotics and additive manufacturing disrupting traditional processes? What skills do the current workforce need to acquire as new technologies are introduced? How close are we to a future with flying cars? Manufacturing Tomorrow host Kathryn Kelley, executive director of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute(link is external) addressed all these questions during a recent episode featuring Bronson Jones, CEO and owner of Banner Metals group, a small metal fabrication manufacturer. Kelley’s guests are the unsung heroes of advanced manufacturing, from company C-suite executives and engineers to industry-facing academicians and government leaders. Each guest talks about the work they do that helps create the products and processes that impact us.

The full article with links to Ohio State podcasts is available by clicking here.