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Below is a sampling of current and past OMI projects:

Engineering Testing

Subsonic Wind Tunnel

  • Provided access to an OSU subsonic wind tunnel for drag measurements on golf club heads to optimize club designs.
  • Provided access to tensile testing equipment and fixtures to test new products.




Engineering Consultation

  • Provided a welding engineering faculty expert to a manufacturer to consult on best practices for welding operations.
  • Proposed new exterior design for current product to improve aesthetics and drive market demand for product.
  • Created material specification for new material to ensure quality standards are met.

Manufacturing / Operations

  • Evaluated and recommended the optimal welding operation for a beverage container manufacturing process to meet output targets and reduce cost.
  • Performed computational fluid flow and heat transfer analysis of manufacturing operation to improve efficiency and reduce heat loss.
  • Provided faculty expert to perform part failure analysis and recommend new manufacturing operation(s) for failure avoidance.