The global marketplace and technological changes are placing increased demands on manufacturers in the State of Ohio, resulting in a search for approaches to connect industry needs to technical resources. This report outlines the work being conducted on the Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Technical Network by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute with funding from the Ohio Development Services Agency and in cooperation with partners, including the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, academic institutions and numerous manufacturers.

In the past year, four technology roadmaps for Ohio were undertaken in molding, machining, joining and forming, and additive manufacturing. These technology roadmaps are designed to provide a collective and clear industry-driven focus that can be leveraged by technical centers, technology organizations, MEPs, academia, and government to guide resource allocation and future technological development. Manufacturers involved in these technical processes identified four issues that were of the greatest concern and required support external to the manufacturing supply chain:

1. Workforce

2. Advanced Materials

3. Smart Manufacturing

4. Innovation and Commercialization

This report also outlines the work being done to facilitate manufacturers becoming engaged and connected with the technical resources in the state via the Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Technical Network. The purpose of this network is to provide a central repository of information about the technical resources in Ohio and a means of effectively accessing and utilizing those resources. The Network is designed to create value for both the manufacturers and technical resource organizations by providing an exchange of knowledge, information, value, resources, and expertise.






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