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OMI Roadmapping Report

The Ohio Manufacturing Institute developed roadmapping results and recommendations as part of a grant with the Ohio Development Services Agency to establish and implement an Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Technical Network strategy. We investigated four manufacturing processes (machining, molding, joining/forming and additive manufacturing) and focused on fuller utilization of Ohio¹s technical resources. Other objectives of the study considered ways to facilitate the development, transfer, and commercialization of advanced manufacturing technologies and provide technical network structure, leadership, and sustainability to support manufacturers in the State of Ohio.

Collectively, four issues were identified as posing the greatest concern among small- and medium-sized manufacturers:

1.    Workforce and training 
2.    Advanced Materials 
3.    Smart Manufacturing 
4.    Innovation and Commercialization  

The comprehensive report is available to view and download by clicking here.


Special thanks to our partners - they conducted the surveys, interviews, focus groups and analyses that composed the manufacturing process roadmaps: TechSolve, Fastlane, OH!Manufacturing, and EWI.