• Directly access talented students
  • Work with faculty mentors that offer project expertise in advanced manufacturing areas
  • Choose training modules for students to quickly gain industry-specific skills such as Lean Six Sigma 

LIFT OMIC Co-Located Internship Project Parameters


  • Are ideally future-driven New Program/Product/Process introduction (NPI) in advanced or lightweight manufacturing. 
  • Companies do not need to be headquartered in Ohio, but the internship must be in the State of Ohio, preferably in central Ohio.
  • Give teams access to company resources. Students will spend at least 50% of co-located internship time at the company.
  • Give teams relatively full access to the school’s facilities to use on industry-driven projects. Typically these will be focused in one facility (tool making, welding, design or a faculty member’s research group. Teams will also make every effort to use RAPIDS equipment purchased as part of the Central Ohio RAPIDS Consortium.
  • Involve both a faculty and an industry mentor
  • Proposed co-located internships will develop scope of work documents that address the following:
    • What is the proposed research or feasibility project?
    • What are key elements or stages of that project?
    • How many student interns are required?
    • What are the skill sets that interns will need?
    • What is the anticipated duration of project (weeks, term, etc.)?
    • How many hours is the student(s) is expected to work/week?
    • What are the responsibilities of each party (industry mentor, faculty mentor, intern)?

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